Functional genomics repository (FILER) is a functional genomics database developed by NIAGADS with the most comprehensive harmonized, extensible, indexed, searchable human functional genomics data collection across >20 data sources:

  • One place to access all data: query by tissue/cell type, biosample type, assay, data type, data collection
  • Useful for reproducible research
  • Integration with high-throughput genetic and genomic analysis workflows
  • Harmonized data, uniform, consistent data formats
Genomic Tracks
17.5 billion
Genomic intervals
8.1 trillion
Base pairs
Genomic coverage
376.12 GB
File size (compressed)

FILER Workflow

Getting Started

To get started, click on the Search to search by genomic coordinates, upload and analyze your own data, or click Browse to explore FILER functional genomics datasets and annotations. See Deploy to download and install FILER on a local server or cloud computing instance.

The Summary page provides an overview of FILER data contents by primary data sources, tissue and cell type categories, genomic feature type categories and experimental assays.

The About page provides details on FILER data source curation, data pre-processing and annotation.


If you use FILER functional genomics database in your research, please cite:


P. P. Kuksa, P. Gangadharan, Z. Katanic, L. Kleidermacher, A. Amlie-Wolf, C.-Y. Lee, E. Greenfest-Allen, O. Valladares, Y. Y. Leung, L.-S. Wang. FILER: Integrated, large-scale Functional genomics repository. 2020


National Institute on Aging [U24-AG041689, U54-AG052427, U01-AG032984].